Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kiwi Jelly Cheesecake

Ah finally I have a semblance of success with the jelly cheesecake. I learned that if you put fruits in the jelly layer it is a must to put in gelatine powder to get it to set. Now to stop my kiwis from floating upwards, I had to secure them with toothpicks. You can see small indentations on the jelly layer where the kiwi fruit is. Next challenge is to set the fruits on the cheese layer before the cheese layer fully sets. Then when I pour the liquid jelly, they won't float upwards.
Care to share a slice with me :-)

Here's sharing the recipe with you...recipe uses an 8" round springform pan.

Ingredients for the biscuit base:
150 gm digestive biscuits, crushed
70 gm unslted butter, melted

Ingredients for the filling:
250 gm cream cheese, soften
50 gm sugar
half cup hot water
10 gm gelatine powder
1 tsp vanilla essence

Slices of kiwis (2 kiwi fruits, skinned and sliced)

Ingredients for jelly layer:
1 box lemon flavoured Tortally Jelly
1 cup hot water
1 cup cold water
4 tsp gelatine powder


Biscuit base
Crush biscuits till fine and mix with melted butter.
Press the buttered biscuit crumbs into the base of the pan and refrigerate for a couple of hours to let the base harden.

Whisk soften cream cheese with sugar and vanilla essence till smooth and creamy.
Put the gelatine powder in the hot water and microwave this for about 20 secs.
This way the gelatine powder melts very well in the hot water.
Pour the gelatine mixture into the cream cheese mixture and stir till well blended.
Pour the above mixture into the prepared biscuit base and chill the mixture till 3/4 set.
Place the kiwi slices on top of the cream cheese mixture and refrigerate for another hour till the kiwi slices set into the cream cheese mixture.

Jelly topping
Mix jelly powder in hot water together with the gelatine. Stir till dissolved and then add in the cold water.
Let the mixture cool a little.
Pour the cool jelly liquid over the cream cheese layer and refrigerate till the jelly layer sets.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks so pretty! Yes, I would love a slice please? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cecily,
Which recipe did you use?

Chawanmushi said...

I modified the recipe given by yochana.

Unknown said...

you have a lovely collection of cakes..am going to try your jelly cheesecakes soon...I have one packet of tortally pineapple jelly...Btw, good to know that your are from singapore too....

Lyn said...

Hey there:)!

gosh your cake looks really good! I want to try it out but I have a question though, if you don't mind answering. How long does it take for the filling layer to be 3/4 set?

Hui Lin

Chawanmushi said...

hi huilin
I can't tell you exactly how long it would take cos' everybody's refrigerator has a different degree of coldness. I would try
30-45 mins first to see if I can get the kiwi slice to be embedded.


Dorothy said...

Hey chawanmushi, i was just looking though all your pictures you look like an acomplished baker =) I happen to pass by you oreo cheese cake recipe and it loos great so was wondering if you mind sharing the recipe? =)

In your kiwi jelly cheese cake introduction i saw that you had a question asking for a suggestion for solution that weil help will prevent the kiwis from floating up without using toothpick support have you found your answer? =) there is a simple method all ya have to do is lay the kiwis on the cheese layer first and pour some gelatine solution over the kiwi just enough to fully cover the surface of the kiwis. Refrigerate until this gelatine layer has almost set holding down the kiwi slices down in place while you pour in the rest of the geletine solution in =) hope it helps looking forward to your oreo cheesecake recipe=)

Chawanmushi said...

hi Dorothy
Thank-you for your suggestion.
The oreo cheesecake recipe is already provided in the link. Just click on the link and the recipe is there in my friend's blog.