Friday, December 29, 2006

Anything Soup

My friend B shared with me the recipe of her family's favourite soup. It's a refreshing soup using the vege Wong Bok. I did a simplified version of her recipe and the soup tastes just good enough for me.

200 gm minced meat, season with salt, sugar, pepper, Chinese wine, sesame
oil and corn flour. Roll them into meat balls after half an hour.

1 piece of dried pork skin, blanched and soaked in hot water, shredded.

Half a round of Wong Bok vege, shredded.

1 packet of Fuchou fish ball.

Fill and pot with about 2 litres of water and let it boil.

Add in the meat balls and Fuchou fish balls and let it cook for about a minute or 2 minutes.

Scoop up the meat/fish balls and set aside.

Add into the boiling soup, the shredded Wong Bok vege and the pig skin and let them boil till vege is cooked.

Return into the pot the meat and fish balls.

Season with a little salt, pepper and sesame oil if you like.

Serve with white rice.

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