Thursday, December 21, 2006

...And here comes the GINGERBREAD MEN

I managed to find a gingerbread cookie recipe that my family likes to eat and it's easy to do. It's actually hard work to roll out the dough and cut-out the gingerbread man one by one. I prefer to eat those without the icing sugar. The recipe is from Ellena's blog .
Please click HERE for the original recipe.

Here's my gingerbread men without their clothes.

Here they are with their icing clothes.


WhItE_PoPlAr said...

Merry CHristmas to you and your family!



Chawanmushi said...

Thanks for dropping by and do have a blessed Christmas too :-)

jingle26 said...

i like your gingerbread men, do you shape them urself or use standard mould ?

Chawanmushi said...

Hi jingle26
I used a standard mould.
Thanks for dropping by and a blessed Christmas to you and your family!