Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Sugar Roll Loggie

Using the sugar roll recipe, I sprinkled some chocolate rice on the baking pan before pouring the batter over it. I wanted to use the sponge with the choco rice as the top, however the end result didn't look too good. I just spread the pink buttercream over the choco rice sponge and rolled as per normal. After that I used a long ruler to tightened the roll. This little tip, I learned from the Phoon Huat baking class and definitely made the roll better looking. Now, how do I make a yellow roll to have the semblance of a log? So I decided to sprinkle a mixture of cocoa powder and snow powder on the roll. With a little help from the Christmas decorations, the loggie does look better than I expected ;-) With the chocolate rice as the inner layer, a bite into the buttercream sponge gives it a crunchy texture.

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