Friday, May 23, 2008

Ds J's Birthday Cake

Ds J will be celebrating his birthday this coming Monday. I had discussed with him the kind of cake he wanted.We came up with this Chocolate Creamcheese Cake covered with buttercream icing and had created the Patapon pics and wordings together using the Paint software. This PSP game is his favourite for now.

I had to order from Z the icing image specially made and collected it a week before. This piece of icing image cost me $10. Ds J was especially excited when he saw how the cake turned out in front of his eyes.

This is one of the easiest decorated birthday cake I ever made. Now will have to wait till Monday for the taste test with his cousins and grand parents.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Osmanthus Cake

This is the Imperial Osmanthus Cake which J created as her signature dish at Imperial Kitchen.
It's a cooling kind of jelly cake using water chestnut flour and osmanthus flower which gives the jelly cake it's distinctive flavour. However the osmanthus fragrance and flavour is an acquired one. When I first tasted this cake I liked it straight away, however my dd refused to taste it saying she didn't like the smell. LOL. I'm not sharing the recipe here as J is selling it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chinatown Food Complex

The food stalls at the Chinatown Food Complex are back. Dh and I paid a visit to our favourite food stalls on Sunday and it was crowded as usual. The place had been thoroughly renovated and it seemed to have many more tables than previously. Gosh .... I definitely would not be comfortable walking with my tray of food over people's heads.

So here's introducing our favourite stall where we ordered fish slice soup noodle without fail whenever we visited the stall. They seemed to have changed their stall name too! It used to be call Chen Ji if I remembered correctly. Dh said that he recognised that it's the same people manning the stall even though the name was changed. I would rate their fish slice soup noodle better than the one at Ka-Soh LOL. We also ordered their Cereal Prawns and of course it's yummy.

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For dessert we had Ah-Balling from this stall here .... we could see him making them at the stall using the different fillings he had displayed at the stall. The plain soup base had a very strong fragrance of pandan. The ah-balling was soft and the fillings were not too sweet. A bowl of five different pieces of ah-balling cost $2.50 .

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

Mothers' Day Celebration has been happening since last week. Dh had given an Adam Cheng Concert Treat to his mum and elder sister, my mum and my dad too. And he surprised me this week with this ....

Well this little robot has been working quite a bit for the last couple of days and the floors are definitely less dusty. My poor back which was acting up again had quite a bit of rest too LOL. Now dh is asking me if I want a robomop too ;-)

Wishing all mothers who read my blog ..... to have a Happy Mothers' Day too!

Monday, May 05, 2008


This particular zi char place is in Amoy Street and is famous for it's fish head noodles. We were there for dinner early before six pm and managed to get a table quite easily. We ordered the fish slice noodle, prawn paste chicken, stir-fry chilli kang kong vegetable and a pot of chrysanthemum tea. The bill came up to about $50 for two persons. The place has quite a bit of history and the walls were decorated with yellowing photos of HK stars who ate at the place.
The lady who served us spoke Cantonese and naturally we replied in the dialect too. She thought that we were tourists from HK LOL.
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Singapore Flyer and Kokon Tozai

Had the chance to visit one of the newest attraction on this sunny island. The three of us went there during off peak hours on a weekday and it was a breeze to ride this. We shared the capsule with one other family and the ride was absolutely captivating; capturing the Singapore skyline at such a height. The air-conditioned capsule helped to cool down the sizzling heat of the afternoon and towards the end of the ride after the initial high I suddenly have the urge to fall asleep. LOL
I must blame this sleepiness on the carbohydrate effect that I had after the sugar high tea I took just before the ride, the cool air-conditioning and the half an hour of distant staring into calming seas and peaceful greenery of the surrounding views.

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This Japanese cafe is hidden from view and is situated right inside the Japanese fashion shop that is in the building of the Singapore Flyer. The shop sells kimonos and high quality T-shirts and fashion accessories and handbags made of kimono material. They were really beautiful. I didn't dare to take any photos cos' there was a sign that said "No photography allowed".

We ordered a piece of chocolate fudge cake, a chocolate cheese cake and two white coffee.
$16 for two sets of tea-time yummies ..... We just ate up and drank up everything LOL.
Dd was given a cup of hot chocolate FOC.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rosemary Garlic Lemon Roast Chicken Thighs

I got the recipe somewhere from the net and had been searching for it for half an hour. I can't seem to find it to provide the link ... Will provide the link when I am able to find it at a later date.
Yes, I've found the link and it's here .....

It's a recipe that resulted in a tangy lemony flavoured roast chicken. I liked the flavours cos' it's quite refreshing to taste a chicken with tangy flavours. I adapted it a little by adding in a tablespoonful of honey cos' I couldn't accept the fact that this recipe didn't have any sugars in it.


1 kg chicken thighs
3-4 springs of rosemary herbs from Cold Storage (use the leaves)

2 whole garlic bulbs, with skin, smashed
2 lemons, sliced into 8 pieces
2 tsp salt
1 tsp chilli flakes
2 tbsp honey
2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp olive oil


Wash and place chicken thighs in a roasting pan.

Add in all the above ingredients and mix them well with the chicken parts.

Arrange the chicken parts with the lemon pieces in between them.

Pre-heat oven to 220 degree C and place chicken in the pan to roast for about 30 mins.
Then turn down temperature to 200 degree C to continue roasting for another 30 mins.

Once the chicken skin turned nicely browned the dish is ready. Reserve some of the gravy to drizzle on the chicken before serving.

Serve dish with salad or white rice or mash potatoes.