Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Changi Terminal 3

Here's another gigantic area for us folks to walkabout. Read all about it here in the link ...
First impressions ..... it's huge, it's new .... it's cold and where is the passenger crowd?
Whenever we visit airports, the viewing gallery where planes land and take off is a must to see.
I was disappointed cos' I prefer the one at Terminal 2 which is so much nearer to the planes.

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Our favourite food .... we are in the middle of an inflation, so pricing at the Food court and Swenson's seem to be above the rates of their branches in the heartlands. And of course the foodcourt on a weekend is perpetually crowded.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Marina Barage

We paid a visit to the latest Singapore icon here. The Marina Barrage is the newest freshwater catchement area in this urbanised city. Read all about it here in this link
Dd had a great time here eventhough it was a hot afternoon. The water play area is huge and of course it will be the children's paradise here. The only setback is that this place has no showering facilities for the children. Other than that it's a good place to take a walk in the late afternoon to soak in the view of the sea and feel the wind in one's face. The place however is not easily accessible by public transport at the moment.
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Monday, December 08, 2008

20 Years Wedding Anniversary

It's another simple celebration this year with just the two of us after the bewitching hour of midnight. We headed down to an eatery call Kim's Place which sells seafood and had a Thai crab tang hoon supper. The eatery is located at Yio Chu Kang Road and has quite a nice ambience.
At that hour of the night there was only one other couple who looked like they were having their dinner. The crab was big and firm in the flesh and the supper was good! I don't mind having another go at this place but I believe the parking would be a challenge if you have your meal during the normal hours in the daytime. By the way this eatery closes after 2 am.