Monday, May 05, 2008

Singapore Flyer and Kokon Tozai

Had the chance to visit one of the newest attraction on this sunny island. The three of us went there during off peak hours on a weekday and it was a breeze to ride this. We shared the capsule with one other family and the ride was absolutely captivating; capturing the Singapore skyline at such a height. The air-conditioned capsule helped to cool down the sizzling heat of the afternoon and towards the end of the ride after the initial high I suddenly have the urge to fall asleep. LOL
I must blame this sleepiness on the carbohydrate effect that I had after the sugar high tea I took just before the ride, the cool air-conditioning and the half an hour of distant staring into calming seas and peaceful greenery of the surrounding views.

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This Japanese cafe is hidden from view and is situated right inside the Japanese fashion shop that is in the building of the Singapore Flyer. The shop sells kimonos and high quality T-shirts and fashion accessories and handbags made of kimono material. They were really beautiful. I didn't dare to take any photos cos' there was a sign that said "No photography allowed".

We ordered a piece of chocolate fudge cake, a chocolate cheese cake and two white coffee.
$16 for two sets of tea-time yummies ..... We just ate up and drank up everything LOL.
Dd was given a cup of hot chocolate FOC.

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