Sunday, June 01, 2008


I knew of this challenge at Sweet and Simple Bakes.

Since I have most of the ingredients ready in my cupboard I baked this without really knowing how it would turn out. I followed the recipe ... as close as possible. I used brown sugar instead of demerera sugar. Since I only had 200g of butter, I added in another 50 g of margarine as I ran out of butter. The result was a very sweet, chewy and oily kind of granola bar. I used a bitter chocolate ganache to offset the sweetness and also to decorate the top.

When cutting the flapjacks into squares, I had a terrible time trying to remove the pieces from the paper lining. I must have used the wrong paper for baking...sigh! As a result my flapjack pieces became distorted squares with the rolled oats practically falling out from the inside while I cut ... LOL.
Taste and texturewise, I need to eat a couple more pieces before I would really grow to like it LOL.

I've eaten a slice after the batch cooled down and refrigerated the rest to be eaten for the next couple of days. I must say now I like to eat them cold from the fridge because the slice gave a chewy texture without it being too oily. I must say they are addictive. I'm glad I took part in this challenge cos' now I'm into thinking of the number of variations I can use to bake flapjacks again :-)

Here's the ROUND-UP.



Rosie said...

Hi Cook Bake Legacy, wow your flapjacks look amazing - love the way they are sitting so beautiful in little cases!!

They are scrummy eaten from the fridge I agree :)

Many thanks for taking part in this month's Sweet & Simple Bakes and I do hope you will be partaking in our next bake :)

Rosie x

Dee said...

These were fun and simple to bake weren't they? Yours are gorgeous :)

Kelly-Jane said...

They are addictive! Well done, they look lovely :)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi rosie, dee and kelly-jane
Thanks for visiting. I shared some of them with my brother's family and they too were addicted to these flapjacks LOL.

Maria♥ said...

Your flapjacks look absolutely delish. I love your presentation ;o)

Many thanks for taking part and hoping you will be joining us again on our next bake!


Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Thanks for the tip. I am going to refrigerate mine too!