Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pandan Chiffon

I baked this and the family liked it cos the boys couldn't stop eating. I got the recipe from Connie at Kitchencapers. The cake turned out really soft and fluffy.
I adapted the recipe and modified the steps a little so that I need to use only one mixer bowl ;-)

(A) 4 nos. large eggs yolks
1/4 tsp pandan paste
1/4 tsp salt

(B) 85 mls sunflower/corn oil
125 mls pandan juice
( 8 pandan leaves blended with 125 mls water, sieved)

(C) 150 gm cake flour
1 tsp baking powder

(D) 4 nos. large egg whites

140 gm caster sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

Pre-heat oven at 170 degree C.

Separate egg yolks from whites. Use a fork and beat up (A) till well mix.

In a mixer bowl beat up (D) till stiff peak forms (i.e. when bowl is inverted the beaten egg whites remain inside).

Add in (A) into the mixer bowl and mix well, then add in (B) and also stir well.

Add in (C) and fold in gently till well blended.

Pour batter into a 20 cm. chiffon cake pan lined at the bottom.

Bang the pan on a hard surface to release the bubbles.

Bake for 35-40 mins.

When the cake is ready, remove from the oven and give it a bang on a hard surface. Then invert the pan and cool the cake. When the cake is completely cool, remove cake from the pan.


Peony said...

your blog color so sweet..
love all your bakes

Happy New Year to you n your love ones :)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi peony
Thanks for dropping by and a Happy New Year to you too.

Mong's cupcakes said...

I am keen to try your pandan chiffon. What is pandan paste? Where can I get it?



Chawanmushi said...

Hi Mong
Thanks for dropping by.
If you're in Singapore, you can get them from supermarkets or baking supplies stores. If not, you can try the Asian supermarkets. It comes in a small bottle like the vanilla essence bottle but it's green in color with the pandan essence.


Cute Kero said...


Thanks for your chiffon cake recipe and really makes my day and 1st time making chiffon cake without any premix :)

It turn out lovely and my family loves it. Gotta to make for chinese new year.

Thanks for sharing!

Cute Kero said...

Thanks for sharing, 1st time I bake pandan chiffon cake without a premix. It turns out great and my family loves it.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi keroleen
I'm glad you like it and thanks for dropping by :-)

Unknown said...

Hope to try your recipe cos this is one cake I neber succeed in baking =P

Unknown said...

hi, i'm new in baking and stuff..
really inspired to start working out in the kitchen after reading yr blog.
hope you dont mind me asking some questions
is pandan paste=pandan juice?

may i know what cream of tartar refers to? sounds like tar tar sauce hee..

Chawanmushi said...

Hi amanda
I'm glad to be your inspiration :-)
Pandan paste is not pandan juice.
It comes in a bottle like vanilla essence except that it has the pandan flavour and coloring.

Cream of tartar is a powder important to the chiffon cake. It helps to hold up the beaten egg whites. It's definitely not a sauce. You can get this at the baking section of any supermarket.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the receipe, got to know ur website thru Happy Home Baking. I succeed on my attempt. :-)

Sheryl (novice baker)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Sheryl
I'm glad you have success on you chiffon cake and thanks for dropping by.

SC said...

I love making chiffon cakes! My problem is that when I invert the cake pan, the cake drops out after about 15 minutes!! Is that normal?
Thanks for putting in so much effort to keep your blog so interesting and informative!!

Chawanmushi said...

Hi oi Lin
I have yet to encounter the problem of a dropping chiffon cake.
But I understand that if the chiffon pan had some residual oil in it or if the cake had been overbaked, you can have this problem.


Anonymous said...

The pandan chiffon does not have coconut milk in this recipe. Is it correct?

Chawanmushi said...

Hi anonymous
This pandan chiffon uses pandan juice .... no coconut milk.