Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter !

Would like to wish one and all a Happy Easter. :-)

Easter is not just a one day affair cos' we celebrate it till Pentecost comes ... which is fifty days after Easter. Gosh .... it's definitely a long, long celebration ... at least for those Christians of those days .... a long time ago.

This year's Easter Celebration was spent with the extended family at St. Anne's Church.
A simple celebration with lunch bought from the church canteen and the children enjoying each other's company, participating in the games organised by the church community.
I didn't cook anything to share at all cos' of my poor old back. Somehow during the course of the week, I overworked it and was inactivated for almost a week. I can't stand or sit too long cos' the nagging pain will be there. The only comfort and relieve I get was when I lie down sideways with a pillow between my legs.

Now ... after resting for about a week, the poor old back is getting a little better but still .....I have to go slow and rest it as much as possible.
I'm sure the pain I experienced during this Easter season can't be compared with what the Lord went through during His crucifixion.


Elyn said...

Sorry to hear about your back ache. You may want to try to use a hot pack, it will relax the muscle around and also relieve the pain. I use the Osim Instant Heatpad when I overwork my hands. Wish you speedy recovery!

Chawanmushi said...

Hi elyn
Thank-you for your suggestion.
Actually I've been rubbing it with the Tiger muscle and joint cream.
Then I'll be smelling like a walking medicated oil bottle LOL.