Saturday, April 26, 2008


Three of us went down to Raffles City Shopping Centre to visit Shokudo today. It's a Japanese food bazaar following the concept of Marche. We went there with the intention of sampling the creepe there cos' dd had the cravings for creepe.
The verdict .... she still preferred the creepe at Marche.

Of course dh and I had our lunch there. We ordered yakitori, pizza, tempura, miso beef stew and orcha. The bill came out to be almost $50 for the three of us. After that I had the most unquenchable thirst for the entire afternoon. Dh also felt it. Looked like the food we ate had been given a too generous helping of MSG by the cooks. If we go back there we would try eating something else.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I find it expensive too, and the food is no big deal. I tried the sweet potato & chestnut ice cream (with waffle), quite refreshing. Try it next time. :)

Precious Moments said...

I was there last week. I find that it is pretty pricey and the food is not good. The only consolation, I love their Matcha Ice Tea! or was it float?