Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Omurice, my version.

In between chasing a couple of Korean dramas I also watched this Japanese movie called
Lunch Queen . In this movie, the dish called Omurice, when eaten by the lead character (who had a very hard life) enabled her to feel the emotions of love and she survived and existed because of the many good food she could eat.

Omurice, my version is rice fried with chicken meat, chopped garlic and tomato sauce and then wrapped with an omelet made from 3 eggs. I was game to try making it cos' it looks interesting enough.

I searched the net and managed to get a video showing me the intricacies of getting the rice wrapped in the omelet. HERE is the Japanese chef showing you how it's done. I can tell you that it's not easy but I managed somehow but the omelet was a little bit overdone LOL.

Dh tried my version of Omurice and said he liked it LOL. As for myself, using three eggs for this dish is a little too overwhelming cos' I usually use three eggs to fry a tub of rice which can feed the whole family of six LOL.

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Ellena said...

Wow.... I love this...yum yum... i think one of the stall at the new Bugis foodcourt there got sell rite? hehe