Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spreader of Love Award

This came as a surprise and timely for me. I was losing my mojo to blog since the preparations for christmas gatherings.Fighting tiredness and also running a fever for almost a week and then after that trying to recover from a wretching cough, I almost wanted to take a permanent break from my blog.
Thanks to precious moments this award became a motivation for me to continue posting in my blog again.

I guess many of us somehow will come to this stage at one time or another. Sometimes an encouraging comment at the right time will surely lift the spirits up. I remember that I blog to leave this legacy behind so I will continue as much as I can.

Thanks E for sending me this award.

And I will pass this award to clumsy pig. A fellow blogger whom I've met a couple of times during IK gatherings.S bakes and spreads her love for baking to her families and friends.

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Precious Moments said...

you are so right about this. Let's encourage each other to blog.