Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wu Xiang (Ngoh hiang)

I was watching a segment of a programme when this caught my attention, the name Lao Zhong Zhong ... a famous wu xiang stall at Macpherson. The stall is in the coffee shop also named Lao Zhong Zong. It is next to Siang Kuang Avenue. Although I've come across this famous wu xiang stall several times on tv, I've yet to taste the wu xiang there. So finally during one of the rare mornings when dh was home, I made a lunch date with him to eat at this stall.

Wu Xiang is actually minced meat mixed with different vegetables and seasoned using five spice powder and other spices. The minced meat vegetable mixture is then wrapped in bean skin and then deep fried in hot oil. The outcome is a crispy and tasty fragrant roll.

This particular stall owner makes his own 14 varieties of wu xiang every day. You can see some of the varieties of wu xiang that we ate and they tasted good. The chilli sauce that went with it also had a unique taste. Dh also commented that he liked eating the wu xiang here even though the chilli sauce was a bit too hot for him. We will defintely eat wu xiang from this stall again.


karlsfoodie said...

looks like its a must try then!!
we love the prawn cracker and sausage hehe

East Meets West Kitchen said...

I love wu xiang, and must try this stall next time I'm in town. Thanks for the tip. :)