Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bulgogi Chicken

Dh and I visited Square 2 at Novena and chanced upon a shop that sold Korean goods, food stuffs and seasonings. I was looking through the shelves when I saw this bottle of seasoning. The lady who was packing the shelf recomended me to buy this as I saw the label stating it as Bulgogi sauce for chicken and beef.
After asking the lady how to use the sauce, it seemed very easy to do.
For about 500 g of chicken thigh meat, I used two tablespoon of the sauce and half a teaspoon of salt and marinaded the meat for about an hour. After that I stir-fried the meat with some freshly chopped garlic. Added a little water to ingredients to make the gravy too. I garnished the dish with some green onions.

The boys tried it and said it was good. It was also not too spicy although the label did say it was Spicy Bulgogi Marinade.
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