Monday, July 23, 2007

Fried Carrot Cake

I visted S from the IK forum board last week as she was not feeling well. We sorted of exchanged food in the process LOL. I gave her my bake of apple walnut quickbread and before I left for home she made me ta pao her carrot cake and even gave me pointers how to fry it. However I didn't have the sweet black sauce and the chai po which are the required ingredients to fry the carrot. Instead I used my black soya sauce, an egg and some chopped garlic to fry it and it turned quite palatable. Even dh thought it was bought LOL. On hindsight, I should have been more patient to get the reguired ingredients cos' with those two ingredients added, I'm sure it would taste even better.
Actually the carrot cake is already very yummy when eaten lightly pan fried with a little oil.
Thanks S for sharing this with me!


tweetybird said...

Aaawww so sweet of u to post this.. glad ur DH liked it =)

When i m better i wanna bake u the shepherd's pie personally (not by my helper) heehee

ur cheesecake looks so professionally done leh.. can sell on9 liao *winks*

Little Corner of Mine said...

You can use dark soy sauce + sugar to substitute for sweet dark soy sauce. :)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi tweetybird
Nice to see you dropping by.
OK ...I'll be praying eagerly for your sherpherd's pie LOL.
Selling online can only dream about it. This will definitely take me to another dimension in this life LOL.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi little corner of mine ..
Thanks for your tip. Why didn't I think of that LOL.