Sunday, August 12, 2007

Japanese Crispy Seaweed

From a forum which I frequent, a mom introduced this snack to us members telling us how she loved snacking on this. I happened to chance upon this at Giant Tampines and the packet was banded with another snack. This was selling at $5.60 and has two flavours. The packet you see is the Tom Yum flavour while the other is the Wasabi flavour.

Actually seaweed is not my kind of snack . I bought this just to satisfy my curiousity. I remember eating the other kind of seaweed snack which my ds B loved when he was younger but I didn't particularly liked the taste because it tasted fishy and 'greeny'. However after eating this crispy seaweed, I liked it.

This seaweed tasted spicy and crispy and I supposed the clever use of tom yum spice has masked the fishy and 'greeny' taste and smell which I didn't like.
This is a new product in the market and I suppose I'm game to try the wasabi flavour too. How about you?


Precious Moments said...

I think this is the latest snack innovation. Hubby bought a huge tub in BKK though I am not really a snack eater as I was munching it I can't help but wonder whether it is a really seaweed as compared to those in Jpn and Korea. I got a hunch that it is blended with flour and deep fried. So if really wanted to snack on seaweed which has really good mineral properties, I think I will go for the authentic ones.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi pm
Thanks for your feedback. I was curious and did check the ingredients at the back of the package. It only stated as seaweed, salt and spices. I was more worried for msg though. There was no mention of oil nor flour.
I guess if I really need the mineral content of seaweed, I'll take a tablet supplement LOL.

myCoffee said...

I love this snack too but it's pretty oily. I like the wasabi and hot chilli flavour. I wouldn't call this a healthy snack (as per the original seaweed) but still, it's probably slightly better than the usual potato chips.