Friday, August 10, 2007

Life Forms on Chek Jawa

We were there when the tide was high so we couldn't see the typical seabed creatures. However we managed to see the ones here .....
Mangrove Roots

Giant Beetle

Nipah Palms ...fruits and flowers . This is the plant from where we get the ice kacang atap chee.

Fidler crabs .... when surveying the mud flats, we could see tiny movements all over the ground and noticed numerous holes there. These movements were made by the tiny crabs that were living on the mud flats and they come out to feed and interact during the time when the water receeded from the mud flats.

The familiar mudskipper of the mangrove swamps.

The next time I visit the place I'll make sure it's low tide before I go visit the sea creatures.

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