Friday, August 24, 2007

Lovely Macarons

I got to know a lady from IK and she is J. J was generous to share her successful experience in making the lovely macs below using the sugar syrup method. I witnessed the whole process from the making of the sugar syrup, to getting the meringue ready, feeling and tasting the creamy and viscous meringue right up to the baking .... the appearance of those dainty little feets (babble) was such a joy and finally the sandwiching of those lovely macaron shells with the pistachio custard filling. The greatest moment was putting the whole experience into the mouth and savouring every moment biting into those lovely macs.
Oh J ...thank-you for allowing me to share the experience with you :-)
Here are the lovely macs J and they will be gone before the day is over :-)


Precious Moments said...

Lucky you. wish I was there too to learn. J, can teach me too? *wink*

Chawanmushi said...

Hi pm
To have the lovely shaped shell ...
must have silpat and the KA kind of mixer.I have neither ...:-(
If you have both ... I can explore with you ...wink, of these days. I can put you in touch with J too :-)