Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 Grand Prix Sunday in Singapore

It was Sunday evening and dh and I were down at the Padang this time to watch the race live in front of the big screen set up near the Cricket Club. Armed with a mini TV we were able to barely hear the commentary given live. The crowd here watched the race with the thundering roar of the twenty F1 engines blasting at the back of us. Here now to enjoy and relive the race again ....

Let me have the videos here do the talking .....

The race here began with all the cars jostling for better positions. It was great to see how the cars bunched up and then scrambled out. Massa lead the pack here.

A chance to see Lewis Hamilton face to face or should I say face to helmet LOL. See if you can spot his eyes through his helmet. He was leading the pack with 51 more laps to go.

What made the F1 race more exciting for the evening were the thrills and spills of several incidents happening which upset the top favourites and resulted in the underdog to win.
Here was the crashed car from Piquet and the stalling of Barrichello's Earthdreams car.
As a result the two were out of the race.

The Team Ferrari blunder at the Pitt Stop that dashed Massa's hope of ever winning the race in Singapore this year. When watching this I could feel the hopelessness of the driver who couldn't do anything except to wait and wait ... a good whole couple of minutes before his Pitt Stop mates arrived to remove the fuel hose. And even then when they arrived, they struggled for sometime before they could remove the jammed fuel hose. All that precious time lost and his race seemed at this moment to have stalled till the end. I felt so sorry for him.

With the last 4 laps to go Kimi lost concentration and therefore lost control of his car and crashed out of the race. This incident finally sealed the fate and dashed all hopes of Team Scuderia Ferrari winning the race here.

The winner of Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 28th September 2008 is .....
Fernando Alonso from ING Renault F1 Team

He was the underdog who started last in the grid position because during the qualifying round his car stalled and he had no timing. He went into the race saying that his race was already lost at the last grid position as chances of him overtaking in the Singapore Street Track was tough. For him to win at his position a miracle must happen in the form of the appearance of the Safety Car. And the miracle did happen for him .... three times during the race!
So do you believe in miracles? I do! I do! I do! :-)

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