Saturday, September 27, 2008

F1 Racing in Singapore

Dh managed to get tickets for the event and mind you, they were costly. Three days walkabout tickets for 2 persons at $320 would not be affordable for people below a certain income group. Anyway, dh and I spent the Friday night having our ear drums almost blasted away. Thanks to ear plugs which we managed to buy at the gates, the noise for the night became more bearable.
As we parked our car at the Golden Shoe carpark, I could already hear the deafening sounds of the sports car blasting and screeching away. It was already a deafening experience LOL.

Here you see evidence of my existence at the race LOL. A night race with a city circuit and daylight lighting condition. Many of us just stood behind the barricades to watch the cars zoom past and I had hardly any time to make out who was driving that car.
For those who are braver, you could book a standing spot at the dangerous turns and here the drivers have no choice but to slow down their cars to avoid collisions into the wall barricades. Only at these turns did I have a chance to at least make out the color combination of these sports cars.
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Here I managed to snap some cars zooming away and maybe one of them could be driven either by Lewis Hamilton or Felipe Massa or even Kimi Raikkonen. A chance to also be in the driver's seat? Just look up into the gigantic screens near the grand stands which were projecting information about the race live!
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Hands up ..... steady .... listen .... shoot! Here's the most common stance of the species with cameras during the night!

The fire fighter standing and hoping that the unexpected will not happen!

And finally what is attending an F1 Race without a sports car parking next to our car LOL.
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