Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Dh and I had R&R at Suntec last weekend and was surprised to see this new eatery that was just opposite Carrefour. It served mainly soup, salads and sandwiches. There were about 8 varieties of soups, 4 variations of sandwiches and salads. A combo of a half sandwich and a soup came up to about $12. I ordered the wild mushroom soup and had a tuna sandwich while dh ordered beef goulash soup and had a Waldorf salad which mainly had fruits in it. If you like soup, salads and sandwiches ...then I would say ...go for it!

This was the ice lemon tea drink I had. Notice anything that's unusual in the drink ... dh said that it's the first time he saw ice lemon tea served without ice and I didn't even noticed it LOL

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