Friday, November 07, 2008

Xin Wang at Kovan

It was one of those rare weekend that the whole family of six got to eat together. So we all headed towards Kovan to eat at Xin Wang ,a Hong Kong Cafe. Ambience here is pretty good and we got to sit at a cushioned bench at the window seat. The food variety served us well enough as the variety allowed us to eat dim sum and western food together. So here you see ham and egg sandwich, baked pork chop, curry chicken, wanton mee and dim sum like har kow, siew mai, prawn paste chicken, glutinous lotus rice, spring roll and fried chive dumpling.
For dessert we ordered a mango ice cream ice kacang to be shared by three of us. The bill came up to be $90. It is a tad expensive eating dim sum here but it was comfortable and the ambience was good! The service was good too as we went there early before the lunch crowd. I won't mind going there again once in a while as a family.
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gina said...

cecily, the dim sum are all frozen food, defroze and steam. nothing was hand made there. when I go there to snack, I only eat their toast and drinks like the HK Tea with milk. even the curry chicken was frozen packs. its very expensive lor... my friend told me if i wanna eat good HK cafe food, must go to the one at East Coast Road or to Crystal Jade Macau restaurant at Bugis Junction..that's the best I have eaten that is close to the real HK style.

Chawanmushi said...

I must agree with you gina ... the food not fantastic at all even though I don't mind going back for the ambience of the place LOL
Thanks for the suggestion too ... must try them one of these days :-)