Tuesday, February 13, 2007

CNY 2007 Reunion 1

Ever since I got married, my family has to attend 2 Reunion dinners. Since MIL has always held hers on the actual date, my mum will usually hold hers a week in advance. I am thankful for her understanding and making it possible for my family to have a pleasant reunion dinner with her and dad and also my brother's family. I know that it is difficult to have to attend to 2 reunion dinners on the same night and this I witnessed with my own eyes when my SILs had to do this, rushing from one place to the other.

The reunion dinner was held at my brother's place and I baked some things, my mum also cooked some stuff and my brother bought some foods too. In this way, we found it easier to manage and also to feed the extended family of thirteen. I've never liked holding the reunion dinner at a restaurant or any eatery eversince the children came. It has always been a struggle to manage the children at a restaurant especially when they get restless or refuse to eat any food from the table. Having the reunion dinner in a home is so much more cosy and definitely less stressful. As for washing up, we just used paper plates and cups, plastic forks and knives and did the minimum for the pots and serving dishes.

So here's presenting our simple spread of ......
Roast Duck, Char Siew, Roast Pork (bought from our favourite stall in Hougang)
Chilli Crab (bought)
Yu Sheng, Steamed Prawns and Watercress Soup (mum's contribution)
Baked Prawn Paste Chicken, Baked Pasta, Almond Longan Konnyaku Jelly (my contribution)

Here's the family doing the Loh Hei with the Abalone Yu Sheng to start off the Reunion night.


charis said...

i also do 2 reunion dinners; lunch at my mum's and dinner at my mil's. wondering if yr fav duck stall in hg is the same one as mine? hg ave 8 by any chance?

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Charis
Thanks for dropping by :-)
The stall is called Wah San and it's in the coffeeshop facing Ave. 4. hth