Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Konnyaku Koi Fish

I bought the mould from Phoon Huat which cost $2.50 and used the konnyaku jelly powder to make the fish. I used Strawberry flavour for the fins and the top and used the Almond flavour for the rest of the body. The fish konnyaku turned out well. I thought the flavours would clash but they didn't and both dh and ds B declared that it's good to eat. I'm one happy konnyaku jelly maker :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chawanmushi, the alomnd favour konnayaku will make the fish white? Coz now i have a "see-thu" fish...kkekek.. Just buy the almond favour konnyaku will do rite? Thanks.

jadelotus aka eileen :P

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Eileen
Yes ... just use the Almond flavoured one and it will give you a white fish ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi...! I'm interested with the fish konnayaku. Do you have the mold ? I want to buy it because I want to try to make it.