Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ds J's Birthday Cake

I baked this today to give it to him for photo taking cos' on the actual day, I would be at a gathering. Also, on the actual day his daddy won't be around to celebrate with him due to work commitment. So we had an early mini celebration today. He loves to eat MacDonald's double cheeseburger and so to MacDonald's we went to have lunch with him. I also allowed his friend living in the next block of flats to come and play with him. I have a feeling this friend of his will be coming to the house ....many, many times in the future too.

My ds J's latest favourite cake happen to be the spongecake in a cup shared by hugbear.
I got the taller muffin cups and baked the spongecake in them and then gathered them together to form some semblance of a round cake. I put his favourite football figures on the individual spongecake and decorated it with the flower crafts I did and shared with the pre-school kids on Mothers' Day. He looked at it and said ...."WOW".... and then started playing with the footballer figures....LOL. After taking some photos with his friend and family members, I'm sure he will be eating it for supper tonight. Right now he's still busy at the computer playing with his friend.


gladcake said...

Wow, this is very creative and nice! You did a great job!

Chawanmushi said...

Hi gladcake
Thanks for dropping by. Aiyoh ...this cake of mine is no where compared to those lovely ones you make but thanks for your kind words :-)

Anonymous said...

very beautifully done.


Anonymous said...

Hi chawanmushi...I was interested in the sponge cake receipe but was not able to view the page that I was redirected to. Could you send over a text copy to my email:

It looks so much like the parchment paper wrapped sponge cakes in Hong Kong bakeries. I would love to be able to bake those at home.


Chawanmushi said...

Hi Kelly
The link to the recipe is here ....