Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vanilla pods

This was the first time I was using the seeds of Vanilla pods to bake a butter cake. I realised that the seeds were so very tiny that I needed my reading glasses to take a good look at them. They actually look like tiny specks of black dirt/mould and they were smeared all over the pair of scissors that I used to cut the pods. I was worried that the pods turned mouldy in the fridge.
I called Jo and she assured me that the seeds were like that. Gosh it was a relief ... if not... my poor butter cake batter would had gone down the drain. Actually the lovely smell of vanilla filled the kitchen when the cake was baking and definitely the pods didn't smell bad when I thought that they were mouldy....LOL
However this would be the last time I would be baking a butter cake with the seeds cos' Jo said that it would be better to use the seeds for making cream tarts.

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