Saturday, May 26, 2007

IK Gathering May 07

This time it was at Linda's house. Thank-you Linda for your hospitality. There were many new faces this time round and of course it was always good to say hello to old friends too. I got to eat Macarons this time round, thanks to Karen who made them herself to share with us. Linda's durian moouse was really good and Edith's cuppies were so pretty and yummy too. At the end of the day, I felt really satiated. Actually there was quite a number of yummies I couldn't eat cos' I was too full LOL.

Linda did her demo on piping the chrysanthemum flowers and many of us also had a hand in piping the flower on the cake. Gladcake was also there to share her skill in moulding sugarpaste. Time was really too short as she had to leave earlier. I feel so blessed at this gathering that these ladies so generously shared what they know with all of us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chawamushi,

I am always so fascinated to see you all attending the IK gathering. I am a member too. Can you tell me more about it? How can one take part? Any prerequisite condition? Thanks.


Chawanmushi said...

Hi Wanna
As you can see from the pics, the gathering was a time for members to get together to share food, experiences, knowledge and also some camaderie with one another.
Since you are a member of IK, do participate in the message board if you've tried cooking or baking any of the recipes, you could share your experience with us or even post pics or etc....etc. In doing so, you'll let us know that you exist and will not be a stranger when you come for these gatherings and then you won't feel so awkward about meeting us.
You want to take part, you just respond positively to the thread on gathering when it's posted at the chit-chat section.

hth :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Chawanmushi,

thanks for telling me more about the gathering. I am interested in cooking but is just an amatuer. I started reading food blogs only recently and much was mentioned about IK. This is when I signed up. Hopefully I will get better to show something. In the meantime, I will read the food blogs and imagine I will get better I day.
THanks again.