Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chocolate Dates With Almond

J called me one evening and told me that she was going to send some dates from Dubai over for me to try.
So here they are delivered to me in a white package. I am happy dancing now because I've never tried this kind of dates before. It's a date covered with chocolate and it also had an almond embeded in it. The sweetness of the chocolate and the date together is quite overwhelming but the almond nut and the flesh of the date together gives an interesting texture. If they had used bitter chocolate instead of milk chocolate to cover the date .... it would have been perfect.
Thanks J for sharing them with me :-)

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karlsfoodie said...

Hehe.. U know i been so lazy to blog bout this... and finally as I expect.. u did! Im glad u like them..
I do agree if it comes with dark chocoalte it will be best =)