Monday, February 11, 2008

Munchy Donuts

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Had this during the weekend. They look so good and taste just as good too. This must be the third time I bought this from the Hougang Mall Stall. Prices have also gone up by 30%
One of these donuts used to cost a dollar and now I have to pay $1.30
For a dollar thirty I can buy a loaf of bread to eat for three breakfasts LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chawanmushi

Tempted by their looks, I bought 6 of them for $7.00 from Hougang Mall just now. Pretty tasty. Perhaps, I should research on how to produce such donuts in my kitchen.

( We met briefly at Jodeli's message board )

karlsfoodie said...

wow 30% increment?? OMG...