Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mango Flower Jelly Cheesecake

Last night I tried to do something like the "Jelly Heart" cake . Instead of strawberries I used honey mango and mango jelly crystals to do the top. I discovered that after leaving the cake overnight in the fridge the jelly at the top had some liquid on it. After taking the photo, the whole jelly layer could slide off the cheese layer. Does this happen with Jelly Hearts?

I wonder if the brand of jello used for the top matters or should the liquid portion used to make the jelly be adjusted to make the layer harder? Do I have to dig some 'trenches' in the cheese layer before pouring the jelly? Do fresh acidic fruits like mango play a part in hindering the full setting of the jelly?

I'm still trying to find answers to these questions and if anyone out there could help me answer them I would fully appreciated it.


tweetybird said...


I replied in IK thread.. but just to add, wonder if the mangoes were "wet" when u added them in and also perhaps halfway through setting the cheese layer, maybe u could entrench the magoes in the cheese layer i.e. layer ur mango pieces into the cheese so that they are about half covered in the cheese layer so that by the type the cheese layer is set, the mango pieces are nicely "placed" in it and won;t moved abt.. the jelly layer on top that my helper made so far was ok..

Or maybe do what we did.. we tried without adding fruits ;)

Hope u understand what I type and HTHs

tweetybird said...

Oh, another possibility is (i read LeeLee's blog) maybe when u added the jelly layer, ur cheese layer was totally hardened.. according to LeeLee, it won't stick if so.. perhaps u can check with her

I know my helper added the last jelly layer after the cheese layer hardened and the jelly cheese (which is what I called it since i din add any fruits) still turned out alright

Sry ar, i super long-winded heehee

Chawanmushi said...

Hi tweetybird
Thank-you for your response.
From the IK forum regarding this, I realised that if I put in fresh fruits in the jelly layer, I need to add 2 tsp of gelatine to help the jelly layer set better. However if I leave out the fresh fruits, I can just make the jelly layer without adding in the gelatine.

My main problem here was the jelly layer staying firm and not liquify so easily. The mango pieces did stay put though and I'm OK with that ... :-)

I've heard so much about jelly hearts and have seen pics from cadence's blog and the jelly layer look so solid.

I'll definitely try doing it without the fruits one of these days :-)

Hugbear said...

Cecily, you cannot follow the recipe on the jelly box if you are making it as a topping for a cake. You can try reducing the water requested on the box and then add in 1 to 1.5 tsp of gelatine powder. If you follow the exact recipe on the box, after you take out the cake and leave it outside for a while you will find that the jelly layer will be melting away.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi hugbear
Thank-you for responding.I'll bear in mind your suggestion the next time I make it :-)

karlsfoodie said...

oretty cake yeah... pity it slide off..but im sure u can do better next time
many thanx for ur encouragement too =)

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Cecily, when I tried making jelly hearts, I used jelly crystals (brand: Tortally), easily available at NTUC or Econ-minimarts. My experience was to place the fruits on top of the cheese layer Before chilling the cake...when the cheese layer is set, pour the jelly crystals (melt in 1 cup hot boiling water, followed by 1 cup cold water). I didn't have any problem with the jelly was quite firm. I was able to bring it over to my friend's place (not using any icebox) and the jelly layer didnt melt. hope this helps =)
btw, I like your mango version. Will love to try it one of these days ;)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi happy homebaker
Thank-you for responding. I'll definitely bear your tips in mind when I make another attempt on this cheesecake :-)