Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tower of Macarons

I first tasted macarons at a gathering. This is now the rage of French bakes ...
It is soft and chewy and very sweet. What I have here is what they call the shell and usually they are eaten with some kind of filling in between two shells. The filling is usually a ganache or some cream or even ice- cream. If you like this macaron, I suppose you'll love eating it and if you don't, you'll not even touch it.
My ds J didn't mind eating it and he ate quite a number of freshly baked shells. My ds B , after tasting one, didn't want to touch them again. I sandwiched two shells with some left over pink buttercream and they tasted quite good. I also sandwiched another with the chocolate ganache and this tasted too sweet.
On the whole, the macaron shells were actually much too sweet for my liking.

The recipe for making this is HERE.

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