Monday, September 03, 2007

MacPherson Lor Ar

This is the soya braised duck that I have been eating since childhood. During my teenage years my dad would bring the whole family here to eat out and he would order the large intestines for himself while we would savour the braised duck together with the soya eggs, tau pok, tau kwa, kiam chye and peanuts.
Sometimes he would order the yam rice and at other times we would have the kway chap.
During these years, the owner of the stall was the father and now the stall has been passed down to the son. Somehow the taste of the Lor Ar doesn't seem to be the same anymore. When it was the father who was maning the stall the Lor Ar seemed more tasty and the yam rice was more fluffy with big cubes of yam too.
The stall is still well patronised and there was a good crowd when we were there. The stall is also quite popular with some the of people I know.

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Precious Moments said...

We love this stall too.