Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tajiejie gathering

Over the September hols, these four elder sisters got together in R's house for a simple meal to do some catching up. It's always a nice feeling to see old friends again.Come to think of it ... three of us in the group are first borns in our family. Among us we have altogether 14 children. Three of us already have teenagers, another three still have pre-teens, two of us still have pre-schoolers and one of us has a toddler. LOL Here's to all of you R, B and M. Cheers to us as wives and mothers and .....a whole lot more :-)

And of course what's a gathering without yummylicious food ......
R's Spanish chicken, Japanese bean, Prawn cocktail and mixed vegetables.
B's Babi Pongteh
M's Oreo Cheesecake and Otah
C's Baked chicken wings and red wine snowskin mooncake


Cranberry said...

Great food with great company! I agreed. I miss my old friends so much too. We use to meet quite frequent in the past (a bigger group abt 15) but now due to family and work committments, now left with about 6 of us whom we meet quite often. But we have promised one another at least we have to meet twice a year lor.. CNY and Hari Raya hehe... one of them is a muslim:)

Precious Moments said...

Get together is always a wonderful thing to do.