Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dates a plenty

It is the Ramadan season of the year where Muslims here will carry out the practise of fasting for a month till the day they celebrate Hari Raya Puasa.

During this this time of the year the supermarket I usually visit is stocked up with all kinds of dates.

This kind of dried fruit has never been in my diet but I'm game to try them. I have no idea how to cook them but I know a lady from a forum board used them to bake her Korma cake. I guessed that they are just like the dried figs where I can just pop them into my mouth and ruminate them LOL.

So here's my choice ...dates from the Jordan River ... they look pretty plum up. I've tasted them and really liked eating them whole. Looking at the nutritional facts .... the energy value for the whole pack is equivalent to eating 4 slices of bread. In addition it has quite a bit of fibre and is also rich in potassium the chemical which helps to prevent muscular cramps.

I bought another pack of dates this morning from Cold Storage. It's the
Amary dates and this is even more fibrous than theMedjoul dates that I ate earlier.
Thumbs up for the Medjoul dates ... and I'm going to eat this for some weight loss for the coming weeks LOL


HK Choo said...

hi cecily, i'm new to your gr8 blog. i've been visiting for quite some time d, but din "dare" leave any comments till now :) thanks for sharing your nice pix, keep up the good work!

i'm interested in your last line "eating dates for weight loss", care to share how? TIA ya.

Chawanmushi said...

hk choo wanna lose some weight too? :-) Actually what I intend to do was to substitute the snacks which I usually eat for these dates. hth

HK Choo said...

hahha..thanks for the explanation. i'm constantly on a diet one lah...nature of being a woman mah...