Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some More Dates

Here are some more dates that I bought from the supermarket and had eaten.
The Bio Deglet dates are a little more fibrous than the Medjoul dates and cost about the same.

The Azizi Mozafati dates below are from Iran and they look pretty plum up when I opened the box. The cost of this was almost half of what I paid for the above.
The presentation was better and the dates came with a good kind of sweetness.
There was also a date cookie recipe printed on one side of the box. So I guess this box of dates would be a good choice to make cakes and cookies with. I will definitely be tasting more of this in the coming days.


Sophia said...

Hi Cecily! I just love Azizi Mozafati dates! They are soft & sweet! There are so many kinds of dates out there but I will always look out for these dates from Iran!


HK Choo said...

thanks for sharing, really lots of dates.. :) probably you can rank your preference, just a passing tot. :D

karlsfoodie said...

wahhhh u really buy alot of dates leh.. jus curious.. they r quite sweet rite?

Chawanmushi said...

Hi sophia
Thanks for visiting and you are absolutely right about the Mozafati dates. I'm beginning to fall in love with them LOL

Hi Jo
They are definitely and naturally sweet but can't beat the sweetness of macarons LOL

Chawanmushi said...

Hi hk choo
So far I've only tried four kinds of dates ...not that many lah LOL
I like both the Mozafati and the Medjoul better the the others. Both these have their own unique tastes.

karlsfoodie said...

LOl i agree cant beat the sweetness of macaron =)
anyway jus inc ase u miss this post