Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Thank-You Gift

The conversation went like this ....

G: I'm going to put your gal's name down to participate in the
'One minute of Fame' challenge at the Children's Day Celebration.

Me: sure or not?

G: Yes, she must participate lah!

Me: I think must ask her first .... M want to do something for the

M(my dd) : Mum, I wanna be Ariel and sing and dance.

Me: I have no Ariel Costume .

G: I have, I have ...use the one I bought asked her maid to bring out the costume to let her try).

From then onwards it was the point of no return cos' dd participated in the challenge and won herself two prizes for being fourth in the talent segment and the other was being the 2nd best dress person for a fairy tale character. Thanks to G for loaning my dd the Little Mermaid costume my dd was a happy little girl at the end of the celebration.

So here I will be giving her a loaf of Pumpkin Pecan Quickbread as my token of appreciation. I hope she likes it .


tweetybird said...

Wow, congrats to ur dd ^^

I tried the apple walnut QBread last week.. it was yummy! Thx for the recipe =)


Chawanmushi said...

Hi tweetybird
Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you liked it. Will send you email soon ..OK? Take care and have a good weekend ahead :-)

Precious Moments said...

Your little princess is a born talented girl. Congratulation!

Chawanmushi said...

Hi precious moments
Thank-you for your compliments about dd :-)

Cranberry said...

Congrates cecily and yr dd:)