Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MeMe : Five Things

I got tagged by Precious Moments for this meme LOL
OK ... this was what I came up with for the Simple Me ....

Found in my room :
TV/VCD player
Dressing table with mirror
Digital weighing scale
Remote control ceiling fan

Found in my handbag :
Red Shawl

Found in my wallet :
ATM card
Notes and coins
Popular card
Hairdressing card

I've always wanted to ....
... Be an inspiration for my children.
... Plan a pilgramage with good company to the Holy Land.
... Make use of interesting ingredients to cook and bake newly discovered delicious foods for my family and friends.
... Own a little piece of land by the sea and be an ecological guide there to teach children about nature and conservation.
... Exercise regularly to keep good health.

I'm currently into ...
... Blogging.
... Researching songs for Praise and Worship for children for next year's catechism program.
... Cooking the same old recipes for the family who don't seem to mind eating them repeatedly.
... Helping out at Catechism class on Sundays.
... Planning out the Christmas activities and menu for the extended family gatherings at my place this year. ( Just thinking about it gives me stress ah LOL).

So this is just about it. And I'll tag just one person .... http://www.hutofcranberry.blogspot.com/

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