Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Red Dragonfruit

Found out that it is also know as the Makana dragonfruit. More information is given here http://reddragonfruit.com/

My first knowledge of this fruit was when a fellow blogger G used it for making snowskin mooncake and the fruit gave a lovely deep pink color to the snowskin. Also almost everyone who tasted this particular fruit said that it was much sweeter than the Pitaya dragonfruit ...that's the one with the light grey flesh. So during the weekend I bought a packet of two fruits from Cold Storage which cost about $3.

I cut it up into pieces so that dh and I would slowly eat them. On offering the tub of pink dragonfruit pieces to dh, he made a face on seeing the pink bleeding pieces LOL I knew straight away that he would not touch them after eating the piece I offered. So much for my presentation of bleeding pink dargonfruit pieces.

The taste of the red dragonfruit has a bland sweetness to it and there is also a tinge of sour sweetness. It doesn't have a distinctive taste and one may have to eat it often before one can grow accustom to the taste.

I pureed the rest of the fruit pieces and dumped them into the chiffon cake batter. They gave a lovely girlish pink to the batter. The black seeds also gave a bit of a crunch to the cake. However after baking the chiffon cake I would expect to see the lovely pink in the pink but the pink seemed to have disappeared and the result was a yellowish cake tinged with the pink bleeding dragonfruit pieces. Not a very nice effect to look at.


Julie said...

I have been fortunate to try dragon fruit and I love it. I have only seen it a couple times in our NY supermarkets and it is extremely expensive.

karlsfoodie said...

now they got the yellow flesh oen in NTUC as well... the skin is yellowish also... hehe

HK Choo said...

thanks for sharing, always get to learn new stuff from your blog :)