Monday, October 22, 2007


The weekend had me and dh visiting Chip Bee Gardens. So I had the chance to visit Magic Pantry , Shermay's Cooking School and that stretch of walkway that lead all the way to Phoon Huat too. LOL At Shermay's , I bought the Valhorna Choco Powder and the dried Lavender flowers. Since I couldn't find the cookie scoop at this part of Singapore I suggested to dh to head down to Chinatown and visit Lau Choy Seng. Finally I managed to get this elusive 100 mm ice-cream scoop for less then $10. I'm one happy lady this weekend. Muack, muack to dh if you're reading this dear :-)

Total cost of stash here ...less than $30


Precious Moments said...

wow great buy! I have tagged you for a meme. Have fun.

mrs chua said...


may i know how to get to this shop Lau Choy Seng?

Thanks U

Chawanmushi said...

Hi mrs chua
The addy is here ....
Lau Choy Seng
Retail Outlet / Office
No. 23 & 25 Temple Street
Singapore 058568
Tel: (65) 6223 5486

Use the NEL and exit at Chinatown Station. Use the Pagoda St. exit and it's a 5-10 minutes walk to Temple St.

hth :-)

Elyn said...

Hi Cecily,
For Valhorna Cocoa powder, try getting from BIY next time. Their 1kg pack is S$24. I love my cookie scoop too! It's so handy!

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Elyn
Thanks for the tip about the Cocoa powder from BIY :-)
I have yet to open ceremony on my cookie scoop LOL Will do so one fine day :-)

karlsfoodie said...

ermmm 100mm? meaning 10 cm or??? hmmm if its 10mm i want to buy to add to my collection too haa

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Jo
Now you set me thinking ... I was just copying the description on the box and the label ... both now have been thrown away. I use ruler to measure the scoop .... it's
3 cm in diameter. I haven't seen anything less than 3 cm in diameter so far. LOL Sorry to disappoint you.