Friday, January 12, 2007

Hot Cocoa Chiffon Again

I made the chiffon again but this time I added 1 tbsp of Irish Creme Bailey and gosh the smell was heavenly when the chiffon was being baked. And I'm on cloud nine cos' if you look at the chiffon today ...notice any difference?
Doesn't it look almost perfect?

I've dicovered the secret of getting the top and side of the chiffon looking like this perfect. It has all to do with the new paring knife which I got from the NTUC bonus point knife exchange scheme. Just need to use a very sharp and thin knife to cut the bottom and sides of the chiffon before removing it out of the chiffon pan. All along I had been using my bread knife to cut and slice the chiffon, now I will use the paring knife instead.

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