Monday, January 08, 2007

My Kitchen

I read Edith's and Angie's blogs about their kitchens and this has inspired me to make this as my next blog topic.

My present kitchen is the second kitchen that I've had a chance to freely design. My first kitchen had a black and grey color combination and since I wanted a more cheerful color for my second kitchen I opted to get turqoise kitchen cabinets. It's a soothing color for me cos' this kitchen has no open views from the kitchen windows. Also, with the experience of staying in flats I didn't want a kitchen that gets a person isolated from the rest of the house once you step into the kitchen.

So when we bought this house, I had a major wall opened half way and also created an opening next to the living room. Now when I stand in the kitchen I can see almost the entire house and knows practically who is walking in and out of the rooms. And the best thing about the opening next to the living room is that I can watch my favourite TV programs while cooking the family's dinner :-) When the children were younger, this opening also allowed me to keep watch over the children when I was cooking in the kitchen.
So here's presenting my kitchen .....

This view of the kitchen was taken from the play area where the computers are.
Pardon the mess as you can see this kitchen is totally lived in LOL.

My kitchen sits the family dining table and this black marble table was given to me by my dad when he shifted out of the area. This marble table also gives me fond memories of the foods my mum had cooked for the family when I was a young adult. It was around this table that sat my mum, dad, brother and I and now it sits my family of six. This is also the table that I used to roll the dough of the breads and buns that I baked.

Here are pics giving you a closer look of what I have in the kitchen.
That's my ds J washing up after one evening's meal.

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