Thursday, January 25, 2007

Superbiscuit Mix Cookies

I bought the Superbiscuit Mix from Phoon Huat and used it to bake some assorted cut out cookies. The pre-mix has flour, sugar, baking powder and milk powder and flavouring in it. The instructions were very simple. You just need to add soften butter to the flour and mix into a dough. Half way doing it I realised it's difficult to bind the dough without some liquid and the taste of the dough was rather bland. So I added some Bailey , honey and milk. The dough managed to bind and it was easy working with the dough to cut out the cookies.

Finally cookies baked and dd did the taste test. She looked at the cookies and was so happy cos' the cookies were decorated with her favourite ingredient Hundreds and Thousands. After a bite on the cookie she spat it out and refused to eat it anymore. Wondering why, I took a bite myself and realised the cookie had only a very faint taste of sweetness in the dough and it's rather powdery.

To look on the positive side, I would say that it's a good cookie for you if you wanna loose some weight or if you're diabetic. The taste and texture takes some time getting used to.

This morning I ate them again. I think I'm getting used to the less sweet cookie taste. I saw ds J putting nutella on the cookies before popping them into his mouth.

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