Thursday, January 11, 2007

Luncheon Meat/Sausage Fried Rice

Whenever I have left over rice, this will be children's favourite dish to cook. It's a very simple dish with just overnight rice,eggs, luncheon meat/sausages and kikoman soya sauce. My ds B had ever requested me to cook this for him to bring along for his NPCC hikes at Pulau Ubin. I ever brought this along during picnics when the boys were younger.


3 Corning ware bowls of overnight cooked white rice.
Half a can of premium luncheon meat, chopped.
Some left over sausages, chopped into small pieces.(I happen to have them.)
3 nos. eggs, beaten and add 1/4 tsp salt, dash of pepper and a tsp of Chinese wine.
Green onions, chopped for garnishing.


Heat up 3 tbsp oil.

Add in the chopped luncheon meat and sausages and fry for about half a minute.

Add in the beaten eggs over the luncheon meat/sausages and wait for about a minute till 3/4 cooked.

Stir till the omelet is scrambled up in chunks.

Add in the white rice and mix well with the luncheon meat/sausage scramble.

Add in 2 tbsp of Kikoman sauce and mix well the ingredients together.

Dish up and garnish with chopped green onions( or fried shallots).

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