Monday, March 05, 2007

Chick Peas

Sometime ago at the M4M forum, a lady called B posted her steamed chick peas and the memories of this kacang came flooding back to me. This was my favourite whenever I had the chance to buy from the kacang puteh man some student days ago. Nowadays the kacang puteh man has became a rarity in the streets of Singapore as the government doesn't encourage street pedlars. I do see a new breed of kacang pedlars at the pasar malam stalls seller these steamed chick peas and peanuts.

This is easy to do .
I just soaked overnight the entire packet of chick peas in a large container with three times the volume of water and 1 tsp of tumeric and salt.
The next morning, I drained off the water and rinse the chick peas.
Putting the chick peas in a bowl, I covered them with just enough water.
I then added a tsp of salt before I put the chick peas in a boiling steamer.
Steam for about half an hour and check for chick peas softenening.
Once the chick peas softened, remove the container and cool.
It is then ready to be eaten by itself or put you can put them in a cucmber salad with Japanese mayonaise.

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