Friday, March 16, 2007

Xue Er Run Fei Tang

Last week was a terrible week for dh cos he had been coughing his lungs out due to a throat infection. He self medicated with Manuka honey, Listerine, Strepsils and Robitussin cough mixture for about three days before he decided to see the GP for antibiotics. Now he's definitely coughing less and is on the way to recovery. His appetite is still not very good cos the medicine he is taking sort of wiped out whatever taste sensation he has and everything tasted bland to him.
But he has been asking for soups. So here's what I found at the supermarket ...

Chwee Song's Xue Er Run Fei Tang .... boil these ingredients with chicken for about 2 hrs and drink the soup which is supposed to be good for the lungs and the respiratory tract recovery.

The packet contains sweetened dried figs and dates, sweetened prunes, white fungus and polygonatum odoratum. The result soup is a sweet soup and I added a little salt to enhance the taste. Dh finished up all the soup :-) and even ate the chicken meat.

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