Monday, March 19, 2007

Vinco Doughnuts

Dh, dd and I took a walk at Vivo City last Sunday evening and came across a queue that was stretching about 20 persons long. I couldn't resist taking a peek at the front and realised that the queue was for doughnuts. So many people queueing for the food, so it must be good ... right? Also the people were buying these doughnuts by the dozens. So I got into the queue and after about 20 minutes I finally bought half a dozen flavoured doughnuts at $6.

So here are the doughnuts ...there's Stormy Peanuts, Chocolate Delight and a whole lot of other fanciful names which I can't recall but they tasted wonderful.
The doughnut itself was soft, almost like the sweet bun dough kind of bread and not oily at all. With the chocolate toppings, nuts toppings , dessicated coconut toppings and some even had grated cheese on them, they were definitely different from those we find at the bakery shops. I wouldn't mind buying them again for supper.

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