Saturday, March 24, 2007

Xiao Loong Bao Part 1

You think the pic looks good? Dh said it looks good eh ....BUT..... the skin and meat filling got to improve ....
I made the mistake of not putting in all the gelatin chicken stock cubes cos I thought that they were overwhelming the minced meat. So the result was a pretty dry XLB except for a few of them which happened to have more than the usual amount of gelatin cubes.

According to dh, the xlb skin should be able elastic enough to withstand the dangle test when pinched at the top and one can see the soup practically swimming inside the skin.
Gosh .... I didn't know about this so called test, so I guess that I've failed on all the aspects required to pass it.

Will definitely be trying to make it again; so watch out for part 2 :-)

I got the recipe from HERE.

And there is a demo video on how to pleat the XLB HERE

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