Thursday, October 19, 2006


Brownies are relatively easy to make. Just need to measure out the ingredients, then dump into a mixing bowl and use a spatula to stir.
The mixture is then laid onto a baking tray. After the bake is ready, the brownies are cut into smaller squares .The recipes were done during my earlier baking days . I also discovered that my children and dh don't particularly like brownie bakes because of it's color.....dark chocolate. And yet they don't mind eating milk chocolate. So I ended up trying to look for brownie recipes without the use of chocolate. I managed to find one in Edith's blog for the Yam brownie.

Pumpkin brownie.

Yam brownie.

Chocolate apple brownie.
For this recipe, I just added in some apples to the normal brownie recipe to make the brownie a little moist. I've also added bananas too in other brownie bakes. Notice there are no nuts in my brownies cos the children and dh don't fancy nuts.


myCoffee said...

Your Pumpkin Brownie looks very interesing, particularly for someone like me who loves all things pumpkin! Mind sharing the recipe, please? Thanks!

Chawanmushi said...

The link is here on Edith's blog.

What I did was just substituted the yam puree for the pumpkin puree and decorated the bake with a handful of pumpkin seeds.