Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sensational ....Swiss Rolls.

I have discovered that my boys and dh like to eat the sugar roll bought from Polar Cafe. I'm therefore interested to learn how to do this swiss roll. I tried at least four times to roll the sponge.....not easy to roll to make a perfect roll. I have yet to master this. I got the sugar roll recipe from yochana's blog. This lady makes a lot of interesting swiss rolls and on top of that the rolls are beautiful and perfectly made. Someone on the M4M website also posted a video on how to roll the swiss roll and how to make the buttercream as well as how to make the lovely pattern on the skin. I'm thankful for that. So here is sharing some of the successful bakes....stay tune for more to come too.


edmary said...

Cecily...mmm looks so yummy!

Precious Moments said...

Hi hi, didn't know you started a blog. Me too love Poplar Sugar Roll but at that price for a small pc, two mouthful and I am done. One of these days, I want to roll one too.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi edmary
Thanks for dropping by...:-)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Edith
Thanks for dropping by ...;-)
My blog still very 'infant'
...maybe have to consult you on how to use some of the features.
Polar cafe sugar rolls ....yes, I remember my dad used to buy them for my brother and I to eat. They have been around for the longest time.